Monday, March 12, 2007

I missed February...

Well, it seems I have missed the month of February in my blogging. So much for those daily blogs I guess. I have had a bit of a creative block lately. Im finally breaking out of it and starting on some small projects. I guess that is because I feel like things in my life are progressing some.

I am finally having some much needed dental work done. By work, i mean having my entire top teeth (or what is left of them) pulled and being replaced with upper dentures. My wonderful dentist has assured me we can save most of the bottoms. Unfortunatly I was born with very weak, very brittle teeth. Since I was two years old, I have constantly been in the dentists chair for some procedure or another. Unfortunatly the past couple years I have not had a dentist I could rely on to do the extensive work I need in a timely manner. They always insist to do a cleaning, x-rays, small fillings, etc...before beginning on the major work. By the time these things are done, my teeth are in worse shape. Not the case any longer. What kind of nut would be excited that tomorrow they are having teeth pulled. ME! I will have the smile I have always been meant to have.

Lets see, what else is going on. My mind has been boggled with new projects. Im working on a new business idea also. Something I can do full time at home. Im also thinking about opening up an animal rescue in the future. My passion is animals. Mostly dogs. There are so many out there that just need the love of a human. I also have other ideas where this is concerned. As I work through my projects, I will update on what I come up with.