Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What a way to start

I havent blogged in almost a year. Many things have changed and we are now living in a new place and have new jobs. Actually, we are managing a motel/lodge on Lake Gogebic, the Walleye Lodge. My hubby started in October and I started in November, after I gave my two weeks notice at Wal-Mart. What a new world this is and we started in at the beginning of peak season. You see, the Upper Peninsula is a winter wonderland and we are busy with snowmobilers as well as ice fishermen and hunters. What a world!!! But we are having a blast!

Lets see...OH I KNOW!!!

I got a WONDERFUL Email today, telling me I am the winner of a BEAUTIFUL Vintage Apron. I about died because I wanted to win this SO BAD!!!

Isnt it TO DIE FOR?!?!?! As soon as it arrives, I will make SURE to post pics of me in it. GORGEOUS!!! Ok enough of my bragging...hehe

What else is new in the world of the Yooper Diva? Oh yes, well the name is new. LOL. Its what my husband calls me. You see, life here in the U.P. is...unusual. A very woodsy, rural, backwoods, behind the times sort of place. So I try to glam it up a bit.

This is me "modeling" my new hair clip. Its just beautiful! Hubby bought it for me and it is so glam. To this was my pin-up look. I also got a new tattoo...well a couple of them, but this is my newest...

big star in the middle is for me, and the smaller red and green ones are for each of my boys. Well, I suppose that is all my exciting news for today! My youngest has to have two teeth pulled tomorrow so it will be an icky day for him. Otherwise, we await spring weather. AKA mud season. Talk at ya all soon!!!