Saturday, November 17, 2007

Quick ramblings

I find one of the hardest things to do is title my blogs. Sometimes I dont really have anything exciting to say. This seems to be one of those times. Today sucked. I dont know why, but I have been napping all day. My phone isnt working properly. It is in the low 30's outside and for me, that is just too cold. Its a pain to get all bundled up when you have one functioning arm to do things with. We have been trying to get some shopping done online since we live in such a small town and our local shopping choices are Kmart and Fashion Bug. Early next year we are getting a huge new Walmart which I will be happy for. At least it is some change. So today I sit nibbling some BBQ chips and drinking hot cocoa. Odd combo. ANd watch bad movies on TV LOL.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

It's getting cold out there

Well, we havge had our first official snowfall and today was opening day for deer hunting with guns here in the UP. Im always a little sad to see the fall go. I love the changing of colors and the cool air, the smell of fireplaces and wood burning heaters. The fall festivles, and the oncomming of the holiday season. The past couple years I have felt a little scroogish. This year though I have committed myself to celebrate each Holiday with gusto. Since it is just my husband and myself this year, im planning our Thanksgiving dinner. Of course, we wont be eating till the day after, as he has to work Thanksgiving Day. We are both CNA's and you know, nursing homes dont close. But my family has always worked around work schedules. Its not the day itself that is special, it is how you celebrate it. So the day after Thanksgiving we will be putting up our tree. I would do it now, but I still have much cleaning to do before I can so I will spend the next week prepping the house. Putting things away and such. Usually I just decorate around what I already have up. This year though Im going to go nuts. Everything is comming down, getting cleaned and put away. Then everything going up will be Christmas themed.

Last year I got an AWESOME deal on a huge plastic storage tote FILLED with shiny brites! I know that without the boxes they are worth less, but they are gorgeous. I paid $10 for all of them plus the plastic storage tote.

Then at a rummage sale, i got the coolest bag full of old ornaments. for $1 See?!?

Most of them are vintage and glass. Some are plastic and a couple are old covered in german glass. It doesnt matter much what they are worth. I love them. So as my Christmas decorating progresses, I will make sure to post updated pics.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A new start

Rose Benner 1908-2007
First before I get into my new life of blogging, I want to say a little something about the wonderful lady in the picture above. That is my 99 year old Great Grandmother Rose.
We lost her just over a week ago. The end came kinds fast. Pneumonia put her in a nursing home where she was less than a month. Before that, my wonderfully dedicated family took care of her. Everyone put off their own needs for this wonderful little lady. She did the same for all of us though when we were growing up. She was a daughter, a sister, a mother, a grandmother, a great-grandmother and a great great grandmother. WE were lucky to have her for 5 generations of family members. Not enough can ever be said about this great wonderful little gal. And then again, all I can bring myself to say is Thank You. For being. For loving. For giving. For putting up with us. For accepting us. For being our Great Gramma Rose.

Now...on to the next thing.
Blogging has been a challange for me. Perhaps I just think what I have to say wont interest anyone, I dont know.
I have decided to let all that aside. I am beginning my New Years Resolutions early this year. One is this...blogging. It seems sort of silly, but it is a step. I have spent the last few years finding the real me. Finding my strengths. Working on my weaknesses. Making a life. Getting Married. Having a career (though at this juncture, I am not happy with my choice of careers). Like I said, it is just one thing im working on. Finishing what I start.
Of course I pick the hardest time to try to maintain my blog LOL. As I can barely type. A week ago today I had surgery on my shoulder. Originally it was rotator cuff repair but there was little repair that needed to be done to it. There was more muscular repair and cleaning up that was done. Today I took my first actual shower after the surgery. I feel 100 times better. Recovery is going well, but it will be a long process to get all the strength back.
On to my second New Years Resolution...
I have been struggling with my weight for some time now. I have tried diets like south beach, which worked well...for a time. I actually lost 60 lbs. and put it back more. So this years resolution is 2 lbs a week.
I think that is doable.
Exercise and eating right. Portion control. blah blah blah. LOL yeah, i know it all. It is just a matter of doing it. And I am. So as soon as I have medical clearance, i will be starting a daily regimine. stuff I do.
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