Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Home sick today...

Well, i am home sick today with the stomach flu. As if i had NOTHING in the world else to do. :P
I guess its gods way of telling me to take it easy for the day. It is disgustingly blustery cold outside and I had to drag myself out of bed so I could take the pups out to do their thing. Upon checking my emails, I got a link from my mom and have been in tears the entire time since. I thought it was important that I share this link with everyone because what this woman does is simply admirable if you are an animal lover like myself. I am jealous as she is doing just what it is I want to do with my life. Help Animals.
Check her site out. Help if you can. Also if anyone has any advice on how someone like myself can do what she does, It would be most appreciated. I am off now to nibble some crackers and drink some flat sprite. Bleh. Keep these animals in your prayers.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Starting a little late...

Well, my new years resolution was to try to blog every day. Here is it, January 14, 2007 and I am just getting around to it. Heh. Oh well, better late than never. Im also new at this thing, so im hoping I dont bore you all to death with my lifes musings. I guess I will start off with telling you a little about me.

I live in Michigans Upper Peninsula in a town of 6000, Ironwood. Didnt know Michigan had an Upper Peninsula? Well, neither did I until my husband introduced me to it. I still havent forgiven him for it yet. LOL. We are concidered part of the mid-west, though by looking at a map of the US, i still dont understand THAT description. Ironwood sits on the border of Michigan and Wisconson. In fact, We are the western-most city in Michigan. I literally live 1.5 miles from Wisconsin. My kids LOVE the fact they can ride their bikes to another state.

Anyway, here I am, in THE coldest part of the United States. I moved here via Philadelphia, PA. via, Falls Church, VA. via San Diego, CA. Its a looong story, so dont even ask.
Here in the Upper Midwest, we are the land of the BIG.
Here in Ironwood, we have Hiawatha, the worlds tallest Indian.In Hurley(1.5 miles away), we have The worlds biggest corkscrew.
In Woodruff(35 miles away) we have the worlds largest penny.
Wisconsin also houses these "Worlds Largests...."
World's Largest Musky.
World's Largest Six Pack.
World's Largest High-Wheeler Bicycle.
World's Largest Round Barn.
World's Largest Packers Receiver.
World's Largest Grandfather Clock.
World's Largest Talking Cow.
World's Largest Loon.
Do some research, im sure you will find millions more. Well, i got a bit off track here with my worlds largest list hehe. I was leading towards something, but it seems to have slipped my mind for the time being. Oh...mostly I was leading to this fact...this place is boring. Other than our "largest" collections, there is not a lot to do here in the winter. Did I mention it is COLD!?!
Well a little more about me...Im a full time CNA, a full time mom of 4 boys, 3 dogs, and a husband. My mom lives around the corner above the store I own, NORDesignss. Its a small gift shop and boutique. I will post pics along the way of our place. Most of you who live in towns that are...lets say...WITH the times, will LOVE this place! Its got antiques, vintage, shabby chic, home decor, used jeans & T-shirts(most under $5) rockabilly & pet items. Its a labor of love and let me tell you...the labor has been looong and painful.LOL Well, thats it from me for now. I will hopefully be keeping with my new years resolution and blogging daily. Thanks for sharing!